I’ll begin by warning you that this blog will not have any consistency of genre whatsoever, but after all, what fun is consistency. Let’s say it will be a sort of one-man-band.

I’m an 18 year old girl from a small village called Thorpe Willoughby, about 45 minutes outside of York. It’s the type of village where the most shocking thing to happen is the vicar buying full fat coca-cola, but hey, I guess the Bronte’s came from the middle of nowhere too. I’ve just finished my first year at the University of Northumbria, where I study English Literature & Journalism, I enjoy it thoroughly as writing is my passion whether it be Lit criticism or copy/news stories/reviews. However if you heard me speak this would probably come as a shock, as my Yorkshire accent seems to steal away every ‘the’ from my sentences.

  • Example: "I’m going to the shop" becomes "I’m off tut shop".

As I moved into my seven person student flat last September, unpacking with my music full blast, and keen to make a ‘cool’ first impression, Jenny (who had never met me at that point), entered my room to introduce herself. Before the hello’s had even begun she asked with a bewildered look upon her face “is that Annie playing from your IPod?!” – Well that was my street cred out of the window! Annie is my all time favourite, her ‘no such thing as can’t’ attitude always spurs me to keep pushing, which in the Journalism industry is definitely key. So that’s the story behind my blog name, don’t leave things until tomorrow, make the most of every day – oh gosh how cliché. Note to self, that’s terrible journalism.

So now we’ve established I’m thoroughly un-cool I’ll tell you a little more about myself. Northern Soul music puts a smile on my face. I have an obsession with street signs and salvaged goods, basically I’m a secret skip diver, my mum is constantly crying over the dirty junk displayed in my room. I was lucky enough to get a job at York Topshop aged sixteen where I still work, transferring to the Metro Centre Newcastle store during term-time. The discount and Uniform is both a gift and a sin, as all my money seems to take shelter in the Topshop tills, but with fashion Journalism being my chosen career route it’s my perfect part-time job. Arts, crafts and reworked clothes keep me entertained. Take something ugly and make it beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Who

  1. I love your style and your story, you’re doing great things, I hope you life gives you enough opportunities to spread your wings and fly. I found it funny that you’re 18, since I’m 18 and well, there’s not to many people like you really doing something in life, glad you liked one of my posts, otherwise I wouldn’t have found your amazing blog, keep in touch, -Alex Hernandez

    • Thank you thats such a lovely comment! Your blog is great, i love all the jewellery you make and the fact you’re selling it and building up a client base at 18 is very inspirational. Will deffinitly keep in touch, i see you have instagram so i’ll follow you on that (:
      Beth Wadlow x

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